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Notre Dame News

Pathways to Success

Looking for information about how students in the DCDSB can succeed? Look no further than the DCDSB Pathways for Student Success document.

2016 Graduation

Graduation ceremenonies are scheduled for June 29th this year. Gr 12 graduates must meet all deadlines and events leading up to graduation. Click here for a list of all important dates for graduation. Click here for details about when graduation fees are due.

Inclement Weather & Bus Cancellations

Durham Student Transportation Services announced in Spring 2014 that it was updating weather cancellations. In an effort to better address inclement weather cancellations, DSTS introduced weather zones.  DSTS encourages you to review the zones on our website at The school bus drivers have handed out flyers outlining the Inclement Weather Procedure with maps identifying the zones for the students to take home.

School Resource Officer

ND is a part of a pilot project to introduce a DRPS member into the school as a School Resource Officer for the 2015-2016 school year. Click here for more information.

2015-2016 School Year Info


Busing Information

Attendance Guidelines

Parent Portal

ND Uniform Standards

RJ McCarthy's Uniform Guide

Phys Ed Uniform Order Sheet (gr 9 only)

Computer Use Policy (gr 9 and new students only)

DCDSB Info Tech Use & BYOD Policy (all grades)

OSSLT 2015-16

Grade 9 Welcome BBQ


Ontario Child Health Study

Our community is one of 180 communities across the province which has been selected for the Ontario Child Health Study. The Ontario Child Health Study is the largest and most comprehensive study on child and youth mental health that has ever been done in Ontario. Please do your part to represent our community and say yes if invited by Statistics Canada to participate. Visit for more information.

Community Mobilization for Youth Suicide Prevention

The Community Mobilization for Youth Suicide Prevention Action Group has organized five community forums in various areas across Durham Region for the purpose of gathering information about the strengths and needs of our community specific to youth suicide prevention. These forums are being organized under the guidance and direction of the Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health under their Together to Live initiative: The data gathered during these forums will be used to create a report that will generate the direction of a strategic plan on youth suicide prevention in Durham Region. A large turn-out of parents, students and community representatives for these forums will ensure that they achieve their purpose. Click here for more information on these community forums.

NEW! Safe Arrival: Student Absence Reporting System

Effective Feb 17th 2015, Notre Dame is moving to a new student absence reporting system called SAFE ARRIVAL. A package explaining the system with instructions was sent home with Semester 1 Report Cards on Feb 6th, 2015.
Click here for an electronic version of that package.

Math Homework Help

Homework Help, the free online Math tutoring service for grade 7 to 10 students, is available Sunday to Thursdays from 5.30 to 9.30 pm, click here for information on how to register for this free service.


Click here for more information on bullying prevention strategies for parents and students.

You can also visit for information on issues surrounding the web including cyberbullying.