Cooperative Education

Through this program, students bound for university, college, apprenticeships, or the workplace can earn credits toward their diploma. It provides students with an opportunity to apply the concepts of specific school subjects to a community work placement.



Cooperative education allows you to earn two or four credits. The number of credits depends on the length of the experience in the program:

  • 2 credits (half-day -- am or pm) = 220+ hours in one semester
  • 4 credits (full-day) = 440+ hours in one semester

The program includes a classroom component and placement component. Classroom sessions will include health and safety training, review of job search skills, confidentiality, work ethics, the role of unions and a Personalized Placement Learning Plan for each student.

Evaluation in this program is based on personal management skills, class and workplace participation, career and worksite research, daily log sheets, weekly journals, as well as teacher and work site supervisor observation of performance. 

Students are required to submit
to be eligible for this course.


Key Objectives 
  • review and apply the knowledge and skills from the Grade 10 Career Studies course
  • meet the school and placement expectations of the program
  • understand issues relating to confidentiality and the right to privacy
  • review work ethics and the responsible use of information technology
  • understand workplace rights related to safety,  discrimination, and harassment
  • become aware of The Employment Standards Act and the Human Rights Act
  • understand the history and role of labour unions
  • review methods of dealing with and reporting concerns or problems at the placement
  • participate in a structured interview at a work placement
  • participate in integration sessions that involve  reflection on and analysis of placement experiences and
  • topics related to the present and future workplace
  • review and apply instruction on health and safety in the workplace
Eligibility for Cooperative Education

To be eligible for the Co-operative Education program, a student should . . .

  • be in grade 11 or grade 12
  • have successfully completed GLC2O1 (Career Studies)
  • have earned sixteen credits
  • written parent/guardian consent
  • complete and submit an application form in addition to the school option sheet
  • complete an interview for selection to the program
  • make a serious commitment to fulfill obligations to Notre Dame and to the Co-operative employer

Consideration is also based on excellent attendance, responsible behaviour, academic performance and work and study skills.  Entry is restricted by the availability of co-operative employers and the suitability of the applicant for the position.

How to Apply?

Cooperative education teachers and placement supervisors are looking for students who demonstrate a positive attitude, possess a strong work ethic based on gospel values, have a sense of responsibility and who are committed to learning.

If you are interested in taking cooperative education, complete the application form and return the completed form to your guidance teacher.

Additional Costs 
  • Students must provide their own transportation.
  • Students must provide their own safety equipment for all jobs that require it. 
  • Students must cover the costs of necessary vaccinations or medical tests that may be required.