Staff Directory

Our staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-686-4300.

Administrator Title Phone Extension
Ms. S. Melim Principal 52001
Ms. R. Joseph Vice - Principal (M - Z) 52003
Mr. M. Daranjo Vice - Principal (A - L) 52004
Name Title Phone Extension

 Ms. J. Henry

Chaplain 52022
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
Ms. L. Stifani Secondary School Administrative Assistant 52000
 Ms. A. DiCesare Administrative Assistant, Guidance 52024
Ms. J. Fernandes Administrative Assistant, Finance 52002
Ms. A. Lawrence Administrative Assistant, Attendance 52008


Guidance Title Phone Extension
Mr. D. Hodkinson Guidance Counsellor (Q-Z) 52020

Ms. L. Najera

(Curriculum Chair)

Guidance Counsellor (A-GN) 52021
Ms. W. Manuel    52023
Ms. L. Perry Co-Op 52026
Mr. R. Hancock Co-Op 52019
Educational Assistants Title Phone Extension
Ms. L. Brown Educational Assistant 41469
Ms. J. Butt Educational Assistant 41971
Ms. K. Hall Educational Assistant 41940
Mr. D. Huxter Educational Assistant 41937
Ms. L. Law Educational Assistant 41138
Ms. E. Malec Educational Assistant 41453
Ms. B. McLaughlin Educational Assistant 42260
Ms. K. Mokry-Rimland Educational Assistant 41943
Ms. S. Stanislaus Educational Assistant 40545
Ms. S. Santos-Posterao Educational Assistant 42380


Program Support Title Phone Extension
Ms. D. Wilson Program Support
(Curriculum Chair)
Ms. L. Collins Program Support 52012
Custodians Title Phone Extension
Mr. S. Penwright Lead Custodian 41933
Mrs. M. Munoz



Mr. H. Munoz Custodian 41963
Ms. S. O'Connnell Custodian 40191
Mr. H. Perez Custodian  40712
Ms. D. Ravary Custodian 41934
Mr. F. Quatro Custodian 40006
Mr. D. Watson Chief Custodian 52014
Teachers Title Phone Extension
Ms. S. Awdallah Science  40397
Ms. S. Alilovic English 41408
Ms. T. Ashman English 41410
Ms. K. Baxter Math 41432
Ms. L. Beattie Canadian World Studies 41413
Mr. I. Belozorovich Math 41414
Ms. R. Booker PhysEd (Curriculum Chair) 41415
Ms. V. Bruno Science 41417
Mr. R. Cartwright Religion (Curriculum Chair) 41420
Ms. A. Coburn English 41421
Ms. L. Collins Program Support 41422/52012
Ms. M. Coutu English/CWS 40412
Dr. D. Crosby English 41423
Ms. S. Culhane Life Skills/Religion 41425
Mr. J. Doyle Religion 41428
Ms. N. Duguay

English/Program Support

Ms. M. Fletcher Student Success 52017
Ms. J. Gill Math 41435
Ms. K. Groat Canadian World Studies 41209
Mr. R. Hancock  CoOp 52019
Mr. S. Iacono Business/Technology (Curriculum Chair) 41440
Mr. S. Kerr Math (Curriculum Chair) 40518
Mr. G. Kieszkowski English 41442
Mr. C. Kolesnik Science 41443
Mr. N. Kolodzie PhysEd/Math 41444
Ms. N. Kowalewski Math/Business-Technology 41445
Mr. D. Lamontagne Math 41448
Mr. C. Lappano Music/Religion  40460
Ms. K. Leach Science (Curriculum Chair) 41449
Mr. S. Lelasseux Arts 41450
Mr. C. Macmahon Canadian World Studies 41452
Ms. W. Manuel Business 41454
Ms. S. Marchewka Canadian World Studies (Curriculum Chair) 41455
Mr. B. Martel French Immersion (Acting Curriculum Chair) 40537
Mr. B. McWilliams French Immersion 41457
Mr. A. Morra Science/PhysEd 42017
Ms. M. Naccarato-Pugliese French 41470
Ms. J. Ooms Math 41463
Mr. D. Opiola Media Arts (Curriculum Chair) 41464
Mr. M. Orsini Religion 41465
Mr. D. Partlow Canadian World Studies/PhysEd 41467
Mr. M. Petryshyn Math 40425
Ms. C. Reinders English/French 41471
Ms. C. Richardson Canadian World Studies 41472
Ms. J. Rodriguez French Immersion (Curriculum Chair) 41474
Ms. J. Romani Science 41475
Ms. E. Samonte Canadian World Studies 40953
Ms. S. Smith Religion 41478
Mrs. E. Sullivan Religion/PhysEd 41479
Ms. J. Thurston-Goodwin English/French/International Languages (Curriculum Chair) 40502
Mr. A. Tojcic English 41480
Ms. M. Tonna PhysEd/Program Support 41481
Mr. G. Walsh Civics/Religion 41482
Mr. A. White Tech 40953
Ms. C. Wilson Arts/Canadian World Studies 42261
Ms. D. Wilson Program Support (Curriculum Chair) 52013
Mr. M. Winters Science 41485
Mr. P. Wonnacott Science 41486
Mr. P. Zheng Science 41487

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