The study of Mathematics is integral in order to function as a contributing citizen and life-long learner in today's society. Our department's goal is to instill students with an appreciation for Mathematics and prepare them with the necessary mathematical and literacy skills necessary for their selected post-secondary pathway.

Grade 9 Math Options


UP ~ Ultimate Potential Math (GLS1OM)

UP Math is a specialized program that is a compilation of best teaching practices including open tasks, mathematical inquiry, iPad supported learning and traditional pedagogical techniques.

Students in our UP Math program work to undergo a Math Mind Shift and become class leaders who exude increased confidence and a new-found love of Mathematics. UP Math continues to grow, using technology to support excellence and equity in the Math classroom.


Click here for a video overview of the UP Math program.


Please note that this course is considered an elective credit and does not qualify as a grade 9 math credit.

Grade 9 De-Streamed Math (MTH 1W1) 

New for 2021 - 2022! 

This course enables students to consolidate, and continue to develop, an understanding of mathematical concepts related to number sense and operations, algebra, measurement, geometry, data, probability, and financial literacy. Students will use mathematical processes, mathematical modelling, and coding to make sense of the mathematics they are learning and to apply their understanding to culturally responsive and relevant real-world situations. Students will continue to enhance their mathematical reasoning skills, including proportional reasoning, spatial reasoning, and algebraic reasoning, as they solve problems and communicate their thinking.


For more information, visit De-streaming Grade 9 Mathematics or Grade 9 Math:  A Guide for Parents.


Grade 9 Locally Developed Math (MAT 1L1) 

Locally Developed courses focus on developing and consolidating key foundational mathematical concepts and skills by solving authentic, everyday problems. Students have opportunities to further develop their mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills and to continue developing their skills in reading, writing, and oral language through relevant and practical math activities

Profile of the Learner in Locally Developed Mathematics

  • Working at grade 6 curriculum (or below) with significant gaps in knowledge, conceptual understanding, and math skills
  • The student would develop and enhance strategies that they need to further their mathematical literacy skills and the confidence to use these skills in their day-to-day lives
  • Would benefit from further development of learning skills and work habits to help achieve success in Grade 9 and beyond


Math contests

At Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, students from all grades have the opportunity to enroll in mathematics contests to extend their mathematical repertoire beyond the school curriculum. Information on past contest papers and registration deadlines are available at the University of Waterloo and Math League.


Math Resources

The following math resources are available to help you achieve success.

  • DeltaMath - explanations and solutions to most math concepts
  • Desmos - digital math activities and curriculum support
  • Education Quality and Assessment Office (EQAO) has practice packages for the Grade 9 EQAO Math Assessment and Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).
  • Geogebra - free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more
  • Gizmo for online interactive math games.
  • Khan Academy - free online courses, lessons, and practice
  • Mathify - grade 6 to 10 online tutoring by Ontario certified teachers