Community Involvement Hours

The Ministry of Education mandates that students must complete 40 hours of community service to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  This requirement was established to encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility and of the role they can play and the contributions they can make in supporting and strengthening their communities.  Community service also provides an opportunity for our students to grow in their faith and develop an understanding of our role as followers of Christ. 


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Community Service Hour Log Entry

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Volunteer Opportunities





PAL (Peer Academic Leadership)

PAL is a peer tutoring program which which allows senior students to give support to others who may be struggling in one/some of their courses.

Grade 12 students who have a spare can be come a PAL and are asked to commit a minimum of TWO periods per week in a classroom. 

Grade 11 students who are interested in providing one-on-one support can sign up to help another student outside of class time.

Academic mentors will receive community service hours and a letter of recognition at the end of the semester provided they have met the requirements of the program.  This is a great addition to your resume and college/university application, especially those pursuing a career in education.

Students interested in the program are asked to submit an APPLICATION to Mr. Hodkinson in guidance.  You will then be contacted for an interview.

Once students begin as a PAL, it is their responsibility to track their hours using the ND Community Service Log (above) and submit them through our paperless form (link above).

 Completion of Hours

  • Students may begin earning hours as of July 1st of their grade 8 year.
  • Students are encouraged to complete at least 10 hours per year.
  • Students may submit hours on an ongoing basis using the link above.
  • Counsellors will accept the first 40 hours; students are encouraged to keep a record of any additional hours they complete.
  • Students are encouraged to seek approval of their hours ahead of time if there is any concern over whether they will be valid. 

Benefits of Community Service

Students benefit from completing community service hours by:

  • developing moral and ethical responsibility to our community;
  • understanding and accepting social and civic responsibility;
  • accessing opportunities for intellectual development;
  • developing peer leadership and mentoring skills;
  • gaining a better understanding of multicultural and equity issues;
  • building confidence in social situations;
  • building your resume; and
  • gaining work experience and career awareness.

Eligible Activities

The following are some examples of activities approved for community involvement hours:

  • provide service to seniors or others who have difficulty leaving their homes - raking, shoveling, shopping;
  • tutor younger students - read, visit the library, help with homework;
  • volunteer at a senior's home/centre;
  • help organize local community events - food drives, organize Special Olympics;
  • take part in environmental initiatives - cleaning and recycling operations, park clean-up, planting trees and flowerbeds;
  • become involved with charitable/not-for-profit organizations, political organizations, or church activities;
  • assist with sports teams: community leagues, house league teams, parks and recreation programs;
  • volunteer in leadership roles with community groups, youth group, leader at church;
  • volunteer at hospitals, libraries, social service or animal welfare agencies, religious communities/places of worship;
  • assist with literacy initiatives at local libraries, child care centres, community centres

Ineligible Activities

According to the Ministry of Education, an activity is ineligible for community involvement hours if it is:

  • required as part of a school course;
  • an activity that replaces a paid worker;
  • an activity where you would usually be paid (e.g. babysitting);
  • a duty performed in a home (e.g. daily chores) or personal recreational activities;
  • requiring the knowledge of a provincially regulated tradesperson;
  • playing in a sports team;
  • a Court ordered program involving a community service expectation;
  • involving operating a vehicle, power tools or scaffolding;
  • administering medication or handling substances as classified by the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
  • involving banking, securities or other valuables;
  • if under 16, a logging environment;
  • if under 15, a factory environment;
  • if under 14, any workplace besides health and residential care, unless accompanied by an adult.


For additional questions regarding Community Involvement hours, visit the Ministry of Education's Community Involvement guidelines.