Students can message their Counsellor in Edsby with questions or to arrange an appointment.

Parents are asked to call or email the appropriate Counsellor with questions or concerns.


We will respond to calls and messages as quickly as possible throughout the school day.
Due to the increased volume of calls and messages, response time may be impacted.
We appreciate your patience.


Grade 8 Parent Information

Grade 8 Parent Information Presentation - January 19, 2022 

Grade 8 Parent Night Information Zoom & Break-Out Sessions 7 p.m.

Additional resources for course selection are available on the Secondary Pathway Planning page accessible through the navigation menu to the right.


Please Contact Us

NameEmailTitleAlphaExtension @ 905-686-4300


Di Cesare

Administrative Assistant



Lisa McNeil

Curriculum Chair

Go - P


Lori Najera


A - Gn


Darren Hodkinson

Counsellor & Student Success Teacher

Q - Z 52020

Michelle Fletcher

Student Success Teacher



Ryan Hancock

Co-op Teacher



Linda Perry

Co-op Teacher



Melissa Bedarf

Intermediate Guidance Counsellor

ND Elementary Associate Schools




Please send your Counsellor an Edsby message with your questions.  Questions will be answered or an appointment can be arranged at your Counsellor's earliest convenience.


How Can We Help You?

The Guidance Department provides a friendly, non-judgmental and confidential environment to support students in a variety of ways:

  • Academic Counselling
    • course selection
    • extra help
    • problems with courses and other academic issues
  • Career Counselling
    • career awareness
    • prerequisite checks and post-secondary pathways planning
    • scholarship support
  • Personal Counselling
    • decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, coping with stress, and time management
    • personal and crisis counselling
    • referral to student services (child/youth counselling or social work) and community resources


Register for School

We welcome students of all faiths at Notre Dame CSS.

Students who have never been registered with the Durham Catholic District School Board must create an account and complete an online student application.  Note that Applications for September 2022 admission will be available through the online student application system commencing February 2022.

Once the online application is complete, students must

  • download and print the pre-admission package,
  • complete and submit the pre-admission package to our Guidance Office, with all required documentation.

Students returning to the Durham Catholic District School Board and students who do not fall within the school's boundary are asked to contact our Guidance Office at 905-686-4300 ext 52024.

Student enrolling in the French Immersion Program are asked to contact our Guidance Office to obtain an enrollment package.

Students enrolled at one of Notre Dame's associate Schools are not required to complete this process as they will automatically be transferred in February of their grade 8 year.  These schools include St. Andre Bessette CS, St. Catherine of Siena CS, St. James CS, St. Josephine Bakhita CS, St. Jude CS, St. Patrick CS, and St. Teresa of Calcutta CS.


Ontario Student Transcript

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is the official record of a student's achievement of all diploma requirements at the Secondary School level in the Province of Ontario.  This record includes all successfully completed courses in Grades 9 and 10 and Full Disclosure (all attempts and completions) in Grades 11 and 12 courses.  Please note that if a student withdraws from a course after five days following the issue of the first report card, the withdrawal will be recorded.

Transcripts are required for post-secondary institutions and may be required for many other reasons.  To request a transcript, please contact our Guidance Office at 905-686-4300 extension 52024 and leave your first and last name, date of birth and email address.  The OST fee is $10.00 payable through cash on line.  A link will be provided via the personal email address you provide to our Guidance Office.  Once the cash on line payment is received, a pdf, stamped copy of your transcript will be emailed to you within 3 to 5 business days.  If you require a formal, signed and stamped transcript to submit to a post secondary school, please make payment and arrange to pick the transcript up in person at the Guidance Office. Please note that we do not mail or fax transcripts to 3rd parties.

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