Job Search

Job Search Tips

Before the Job Search:

  • Consider what you would like to do for a job ~ investigate jobs that connect to your interests or future career plans
  • Take some time to explore options ~ research options so you know what types of jobs are available to teens
  • Make sure your paperwork is in order ~ some jobs may require reference letters, criminal checks, or medical information; be aware of what is required and obtain it in advance

Consider Job Options:

  • Know the jobs that are available ~ find out about age or other restrictions that could affect your application
  • Know what the expectations are ~ find out when (days/times) you would be required to work and determine if they fit your schedule
  • Know what is required to apply ~ find out how to apply and what is required (application, resume, cover letter, etc.)

How to Find a Job:

  • Ask your guidance counsellor ~ individuals and companies often advertise at schools
  • Network ~ check with family, friends and acquaintances; jobs are often found through referrals
  • Start your own business ~ consider babysitting, lawn mowing, house painting, or caring for pets in your neighbourhood
  • Search online ~ check the links below to get you started
  • Be prepared ~ when making inquiries, make sure to dress appropriately, be ready to complete an application, and be prepared for an on-the-spot interview

Before Accepting a Job Offer:

  • Make sure the company is legitimate
  • Be aware of your rights as an employee
  • Decide whether it is a job you really want to do ~ you should feel comfortable with the work, the environment, the boss and other employees; it should fit into your schedule


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