Graduation Requirements



Required Courses

To receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), students must earn 30 credits as outlined below.



4 credits
(1 per grade)


3 credits
(1 senior)


2 credits


1 credit

Canadian History

1 credit

Canadian Geography

1 credit


1 credit

Health and Physical Education

1 credit

French as a Second Language

0.5 credit

Career Studies

0.5 credit


4 credits
(1 per grade)

Religious Education

1 credit Group 1
English or French as a Second Language, Native language, classical or an international language, social science and the humanities, Canadian and world studies, guidance and career education, or cooperative education.
1 credit Group 2
Health and physical education, the arts, business studies, French as a Second Language, or cooperative education.
1 credit Group 3
Science (Grade 11 or 12), or technological education, or French as a Second Language, or computer studies, or cooperative education.

8 credits

Elective/Optional Courses


Additional Requirements

  1. 40 hours of community involvement activities
  2. Literacy Requirement:
  3. 2 eLearning credits

Additional information is available from the Ministry of Education's webpages What Do I Need to Graduate? and Online Learning Graduation Requirement.