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Calculating Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is calculated with 16 approved core courses.

  1. Add quality points for your courses (see chart below).
  2. Divide your quality point total by the number of courses completed (16). If CHV2O is included, count it as a 0.5 course.

Individual schools may have their own particular SAT or ACT minimums or required courses.
This method can only be used as an estimate and cannot be considered official.

Mark Range Letter Grade Quality Points
80-100 A 4.0
70-79 B 3.0
60-69 C 2.0
50-59 D 1.0

** Check which courses are approved by the NCAA in Guidance **

Interdisciplinary Course for Athletes

This course is designed for elite student athletes who are participating in an athletic endeavor and wish to obtain an NCAA scholarship; they will earn an Interdisciplinary credit IDP3O1 or IDP4O1 preparing them for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT).  Find out more at or 905-438-0570. 




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