Transitioning to Grade 9

In order to ensure a smooth transition from elementary to high school, students are encouraged to take advantage of new opportunities by getting involved in the Notre Dame school community and to meet new challenges by seeking help from their teachers and Guidance Counsellor as necessary. 

Every Grade 9 student arrives with different strengths, interests and goals.  For this reason, it is important that students have a good understanding of the course levels and experiential learning opportunities offered, as well as graduation requirements.  To assist with the transition, students are encouraged to visit Secondary Pathway Planning and review the DCDSB Grade 8 to 9 Transitions Guide entitled Moving On to answer questions about high school.


Guidance Visits to Associate Schools

Notre Dame Guidance Counsellors visit each Associate School throughout the school year to meet students and provide valuable information about the transition to high school.  During these visits, grade 8 students have the opportunity to ask questions and ease their nerves about coming to high school.


Grade 8 Visit to Notre Dame

Each November Grade 8 students attending a Notre Dame Associate School are offered the opportunity to visit Notre Dame and get a taste of what life is like.  During their visit, Grade 8’s will visit classrooms to see what type of elective courses are available while touring the school, enjoy lunch in the cafeteria with high school students, and participate in a pep rally before heading back to their own school.


Grade 8 Parent Night at Notre Dame

Grade 8 parents and students are invited to an evening each year to learn about the Notre Dame community.  Parents have the opportunity to tour the school, meet teachers and current students, and hear from Administration and Guidance about what to expect in the coming years.


Transition Meetings

Grade 8 students are also supported prior to their arrival at Notre Dame with transition meetings which occur between secondary and elementary school teams to ensure each student has appropriate supports in place prior to their arrival at Notre Dame.


Grade 9 Orientation Day

The first day of school is set aside for grade 9s only.  Students will have an opportunity to visit their classrooms, meet many of the school staff, enjoy lunch, and participate in various activities.  Parents are invited to accompany students for the morning and lunch portions of the day.


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