Credit Recovery & Alternative Education

Credit Recovery and Alternative Education provide at-risk students with an opportunity for success by breaking the cycle of failure and disengagement that results in low credit accumulation and early leavers.  These programs afford students the opportunity to . . .

  • increase their credit count and move forward in their education,
  • regain self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • increase their engagement in further education,
  • learn strategies to succeed in school using their God-given talents,
  • follow and attain their chosen pathway, and
  • participate in and improve school climate.


Credit Recovery

A key intervention for at-risk students aimed at re-engaging them in school by providing an opportunity to earn credits they previously failed to achieve.  Course work is individually designed to provide instruction and strategies that focus only on those course expectations that were not successfully met in the initial attempt at the credit.  The Credit Recovery program also helps assist students in developing learning skills required for academic success.


Alternative Education

An intervention for at-risk students who are credit deficient, but do not have credits to recover.  Students complete these credits through a correspondence model with the support of a classroom teacher.  Since students work at their own pace, they have the opportunity to accumulate more than one credit during the course.


Who Qualifies

Students who . . .

  • are behind in credit accumulation,
  • have the ability to work independently,
  • are attending school on a regular basis,
  • has control of his/her own behaviour,
  • realize their own motivation is central to their success, and
  • may have had past successes in Credit Recovery or Alternative Education.



Eligibility for the Credit Recovery or Alternative Education program is determined by the Student Success Team, which is comprised of representatives from the Administration, Guidance, Program Support, and the Student Success Teacher.  Once a student is recommended for Credit Recovery or Alternative Education, the Student Success Team determines his/her viability based on a number of factors including credit deficiency, attendance, behaviour, and teacher reports.  Once enrolled in Credit Recovery or Alternative Education, the individual student program is created and monitored by the Course Teacher, Guidance Counsellor and Student Success Teacher.


For more information or to see if you are eligible for the program,
please see your Guidance Counsellor or Student Success Teacher.